NWKAPS actively encourages all pupils to take personal responsibility for their actions. One of the aims of each centre is to create a sense of ownership and belonging. Each centre is a discrete community catering for the specific needs of the pupils who learn at the centre.

The Credit System, which measures individual success towards meeting personal targets, encourages all pupils to be active participants in their own progress. Daily Cognitive Behavioural Sessions (CBS) promote pupil involvement in a systematic approach to addressing improved behaviour and development of self reflective skills. Weekly Target Setting is a mutual conversation between tutor and pupil. Everything we do involves talking and encouraging open dialogue.

Student Voice recognises the importance of listening to pupils and seeking their views in creating a more conducive and productive learning environment. All pupils are stakeholders in our organisation and their opinions are given value.


The organisation in addition to providing a sound education through well qualified and committed staff has a developing intervention team. Currently, we have a Well Being Therapist, an Art Therapist and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. This team supports the pupils in learning to manage their social and emotional issues thus enabling them to access fully their educational opportunities.


Pupils at Key Stage 4 are also supported with their career choices post 16. An intense programme led by the Deputy Head teacher enables our pupils to make appropriate choices for their education and/or training post 16. NWKAPS aims to support  pupils in the transition from school to college.



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Mission Statement

"Providing a safe and welcoming learning environment where individual achievements are valued and respected"


Head of Service:                     Marie Woolston


Address:                                 NWKAPS, The Rosemary Centre

                                               189 High Road,

                                               Dartford, DA2 7DP

General Enquiries

Telephone:                             01322 228395

Email:                                     officerc@nwkaps.kent.sch.uk

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