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The Rosemary Centre in Wilmington, Dartford, offers full time places for up to 50 students who would benefit from a period of respite in order to address behavioural issues which are putting them at risk of exclusion in their mainstream setting. The majority of the pupils who come to the centre are expected to return to their home school or are accessing the provision as part of a planned and agreed managed move to a new school. Only a small minority of pupils are permanently excluded and the aim with these pupils is still to work towards reintegration into a new school after the normal 14 week respite period. Like Centre Class, the Rosemary Centre operates a "revolving door" policy with the aim of supporting pupils back into the mainstream environment.

The Rosemary Centre offers a structured and "school-like" environment where students are able to reflect and analyse their own thinking patterns and behaviours whilst developing strategies to allow them to return to the larger mainstream environment. It would be unrealistic to assume that pupils who attend the centre for a period of respite return to their schools "fixed", and the aim is rather to break the cycle, make improvements and be able to return to school having begun a positive journey and facing in the right direction. The Rosemary Centre is part of a transitional journey made by the students in dealing with issues and overcoming problems which will continue when the pupil returns to their mainstream school. Therefore, the importance of partnership working with schools in supporting young people and building capacity in mainstream cannot be emphasised strongly enough!

All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum and have the opportunity to engage in daily behavioural intervention work. Outreach support is provided during the reintegration period and is a planned strategy agreed with the receiving school.

End of Term 4

  • Thursday 21st - Academic Review Day
  • Monday 25th - Normal School Day
  • Tuesday 26th - Normal School Day
  • Wednesday 27th - Normal School Day
  • Thursday 28th - Activity day

Mission Statement

"Learning resilience for success: creating a safe, welcoming environment where individual achievements are valued and respected and unlocking pathways to future success."

Services Overview

  • short term time out placements
  • long term Key Stage 4 placements
  • support children and young people in overcoming barriers to success

Contact Us

Address: High Road, Wilmington, DA27DP
Phone:01322 228 395