Centre Class - Swanley KS 1-2
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Based in Swanley, Centre Class offers respite and assessment placements for children in Key Stages 1 and 2. Pupils are referred directly by their home school by completing a referral form which includes up to date information on the pupil's academic, social and behavioural profile as well as a clear outline of what the school would like to achieve from securing a placement for their pupil. The centre operates a "revolving door" policy and placements are for 14 weeks and may be full or part time (the remainder of the time being spent in the home school) with specified start and end dates.

Pupils are taught in groups of up to 8 pupils (Key Stage 2) and up to a maximum of 5 (Key Stage 1). Each group has a class teacher for the majority of their learning as well as 1-2 teaching assistants who support with learning and behaviour. Some lessons are taught by subject specialists to facilitate a broader curriculum (i.e. Music; Design Technology; PE; Science; ICT).

The centre provides a nurturing and supportive environment whilst still ensuring that boundaries and expectations are clear. Each group benefits from daily Phonics, literacy and numeracy work as well as on-going opportunities throughout the day to reflect on behaviour and social interactions.

Pupils returning to school are supported through reintegration programmes which are discussed and planned for from the pupil's first weeks in the centre. In many cases, Centre Class supports reintegration through outreach work and provision of a Learning Mentor.

Mission Statement

"Learning resilience for success: creating a safe, welcoming environment where individual achievements are valued and respected and unlocking pathways to future success."

Services Overview

  • short term time out placements
  • long term Key Stage 4 placements
  • support children and young people in overcoming barriers to success

Contact Us

Address: High Road, Wilmington, DA27DP
Phone:01322 228 395
E-mail: info@nwkaps.org